If You Dream It, We Can Build It.

JLN Construction Services, LLC (JLN) is a Minority Prime Contractor located in Laurel and Baltimore, MD. With over a decade of experience, JLN Construction Services, LLC (JLN) stands out as an exceptional and extensive service provider. Our dynamic approach to our work guarantees that, no matter the challenge, JLN will meet and exceed project delivery expectations.
JLN provides the full suite of construction services to manage, construct, and deliver projects on time and with a minimum of headaches. With us, the key concept throughout the construction phase is control—control of schedule, cost, safety, security, quality, and close-out.
Successful design-build requires a company with ability to bring the right team together and provide foresight, proactive thinking, and active coordination. With our teaming partner’s and subcontractors, JLN is able to assemble a team of experienced professionals.
JLN provides superior excavation, concrete foundation, and concrete flatwork services.
We offer a wide range of services to meet all our customers’ heating and cooling needs. With experienced and trained technicians, we can offer diagnostic, repair and installation services on all makes and models of HVAC appliances and systems.