On November 2, 2015  JLN Construction Services had an on-site training with the new BuildingBlok software acquired by The Blue Book Building and Construction Network. BuildingBlok is a cloud-based construction management and communications software platform. The platform is mobile friendly and has application for iPhone, iPad , and Android devices. BuildingBlok increases transparency and accountability for all parties involved in commercial and industrial construction projects. It also reduces mistakes and related costs, litigation and improves the efficiency and economics of managing construction.

JLN will be transitioning all our construction management and communication activities to BuildingBlok software suite throughout the next two months. We will be using the software it to its full advantage in the upcoming year 2016. BuildingBlok will be the key driver to our success with document control, project management and administration, daily reports, employee time management, scheduling, subcontract management, and bid management. After purchasing this software we knew to cease every opportunity of this software we will need training. Lenny Cerbini, a Blue Book Network Executive and Tom Facinoli, a Business Development Consultant showed up at our office on October 21, 2015. It was explained to the representatives how excited JLN was in purchasing the new BuildingBlok software in September but have not implemented the system.  Mr. Cerbini did not hesitate to contact his corporate office and Technical Specialist P.J. Gasperini traveled from New York to give us the full day of training. In attendance were Superintendents, Project Managers, Foremen, Tradesmen and Administrative Professionals.

Mr. Namdi Iwuoha, President of JLN and the team were very excited about this new implementation.